Me: Heya Jan, how have ya been? How’s work and all?

Jan: Pretty good! Work is good, it’s really chill.

Me: Yeah?

Jan: Yeah, the people are laid back, team outings on Fridays are always nice, and I get to go into office anytime I want. Yea I love my job!

Me: So nice wan…

Sometimes, you find yourself thinking, “How did they get so lucky? When could I ever say I love my job?”.

You can be one of them. You just have to find it and realise it.

Okay, let’s look at it realistically. Saying “I love my job” seems a bit of a far stretched right? Yes, I know. You might not have some superbly awesome job like what Jan has but there may be certain aspects of your job that you enjoy. Not everything has to be a bummer. For example, you can enjoy the working environment, your colleagues are nice, your employers treat you well, the company benefits are great, working hours are flexible, perhaps even the tasks are interactive. There is so many things that can actually make your job great!

It really is not as far-fetched as you think. Take it from these people we spoke to:

Steve – Business Developer, Supahands

Jobs Malaysia WOBB Supahands

“At Supahands, we believe there is a much faster and scalable way of doing office data work. Also, we would like to introduce our service to help as many clients as possible”.

“As a Business Developer, I personally enjoy meeting people from all sorts of industries. From talking to seasoned decision makers to stakeholders of all levels, as well as companies from different countries, it all gives me great insight in how each of the industries function”.

“Our management also has a more ‘hands-off’ style, no micro management and more of a coaching style. We openly share issues or challenges faced very often with each other so we can constantly learn and improve ourselves”.

“I’m big on learning. So we have to constantly learn new things and adapt. This is one of the most exciting parts of the job, full of challenges and no two days are the same * laughs * “.


Amardeep – Community Specialist, Co-Labs

Jobs Malaysia WOBB Co-Labs

“Well, I am really enjoying it so far. I have been learning lots of new stuff. Ben, my colleague, has been of most help to me and shares his experience and knowledge to guide me through my job”.

“I find working here at Co-Labs has been one of the most relaxing environments to work in. My job is to make sure that customers who do use our space are satisfied with the facilities available to them”.

“People come in and out of here quite a lot given that it’s a co-working space. But with that, I get the most interesting part which is that I get to meet new people every now and then”.


Amanda – PR Intern, Zalora Malaysia

jobs malaysia wobb zalora office

“I’ve always been interested in fashion but had little experience with actual Public Relations. So, when I found out I landed a Public Relations internship with a large fashion e-commerce, I was excited and nervous at the same time because I did not know what to expect”.

“Given the duration I spent my time there, I learned different things from writing press kits, arrange speeches and conferences for the management, liaising with media, celebrities and influencers, event management as well as supporting the PR team as a whole”.

“I can finally say that doing practical work and have the proper experience and guidance. This has not only expanded my knowledge but has given me more depth in my field of study”.


So, judging by the short stories these people have shared with us, “loving what you do” doesn’t necessarily have to be your job ‘as a whole’. It can be certain, special parts of your job that brings value and meaning to your career, and also makes you feel good! Focus on those areas and it will soon grow into something that you enjoy and learn to love.

Love My JobDo it for YOU, because only YOU can make yourself feel good about your JOB.

Well if you really feel that you need a change of scenery, or are still in that hunt for a place you would LOVE working at, you could be like these people today!

Get up and find that job YOU LOVE!



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