Many people want to leave their job, but feel stuck because of certain commitmentsYou dread the mornings and you hate going to bed at night. You especially hate Sunday nights. You think about quitting your job and even daydream about it all the time. Sometimes, you’ll think that you finally have the courage to quit your job, but then some reasons or excuses come along and you feel like you cannot afford to lose your job. You’re miserable at work, and you complain about your job regularly to people around you, and yet you still go to the same job and the same workplace. Does any of this sound familiar?

Most of the time, people who are stuck at the same workplace or the same job for months or even years find it extremely difficult to quit. There are many reasons why this happen. It could be because you have a big paycheck and you doubt any other company can measure up to that. It could be because you have your family to think about and you’re not the only person that you have to take care of. Sometimes, it could also be that you would rather stay in your comfort zone, knowing that you have money coming in every month, than venture into the unknown where you’re not certain if there is something out there for you.

If you are unhappy at work, these few steps may be able to help you figure out your next move, and help motivate you to make a change.

1. Why Do You Hate Your Job?

Before going any further, this is the most crucial question that you must ask yourself. What is it about your job that makes you unhappy? Is it your boss, your co-workers, your job scope or the industry you’re in? Sometimes, if you are unhappy due to your job obligations, it can be changed by talking to your boss or your supervisor about it. It does not necessarily warrant you to quit your job. If you are unhappy with the industry you’re in, or if you think that you are not on your way to your goals, it might be time to further evaluate your situation.

2. Start Saving Up

The truth is, it might take some time before you can find your dream job and there might be a period of time where you will be in between jobs. To prepare yourself for this period, it is a good idea to start saving up. Cut down on your expenses, spend less amount of money, and put aside a small amount every month in the preparation of a “jobless” situation. Most of the time, people find it hard to quit their jobs because they do not have the finances to pull through the unemployment period. But if you care about work happiness, and you want to get your dream career, you need to start saving up as early as you can.

It may take some time before you find your dream job, so start saving up, to ensure you are financially stable which will allow you to choose your next job

3. Find Out What You Really Want To Do (this could be before or after you quit your job)

It’s important that you spend time thinking about what you really want to do. If you don’t have time for this because of your overwhelming amount of work, then you might have to leave your job first.

  • Think about what you’re good at and what your achievements are. Also think about what makes you happy at work.
  • Make time for yourself. This might mean that you should take up that cooking class that you’ve always wanted to go for. Or taking up a few new healthy regimes such as exercising more often or going for yoga classes. When you spend more time on yourself with activities that you like, it keeps you focused and you’ll be able to find out what you want to do with life.
  • List down your career dreams since you were a child all the way to your adult life. This can help put things in better perspective and you might even discover where your true passion is!
  • Take career tests to find out what kind of work fits you the best. And if all else fails, you can even talk to a career coach or a career counsellor to help you understand yourself better.

4. Gather Support From People Around You

Whether it’s from your family, friends, relatives, or anyone else, it makes things easier when you are able to get support from people around you and find like-minded people. You can also approach people who have made a similar change in their lives before and find out the process of it.

5. Have The Courage To Quit

It’s always a challenge when making life-changing decisions. Often, people stay in their jobs because they are afraid of what might happen after they quit. If you feel deep down that you want and need to make a change, then gather your courage and do it. It is easy to feel afraid of the unknown, but if you don’t make the first move, then you might never know what could have been if you have had the courage to quit. Ask yourself, what do you want to do with your life? What are your passions? And even though it may sound scary, but imagine if your life were to end tomorrow, would you feel like you have no regrets? Quitting your job may be scary, but it’s your ticket to something better.



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