Some of you may have the privilege of meeting ‘the one’ at the same place you work at. There can be many instances of working together – It could be that you both are working under the same employer, in the same department; or you could be in the same office, but separate departments; or you could be business partners running the entire show. But the word ‘privilege’ can also be swapped with ‘nightmare’ if you both are not careful of where you thread. There are a few unavoidable circumstances that comes with working with your partner under the same work space.

Before we delve into the nightmare aspects of this arrangement, lets see what some positives can come out of it!



Spend More Time Together! All The Time!

Work can come in the way of the lovey-dovey because work can take up to 80% of our waking hours easily. So with the both of you now under the same roof at all times, there is no shortage of time that you spend apart! It can help build a strong relationship through constant contact which leads me to the next point…


A Shared Experience

With constant contact, the both of you will get to know one another better, in and out of the work environment. From seeing how your partner handles their professional life, to how they treat you back at home without all the stress of the office. This can help the both people build minds that more in sync, develop values that are coherent, and learn the ability to cope with one another in any situation. The base of mutual respect between the both of you will be increased and can lead to a deeper more fulfilling relationship.


Same Goals And Values

There goes the saying it takes two hands to clap, if you and your partner share the same goals and values, and also work towards it, that is the foundation of a long lasting relationship full of understanding and compromise. It is always nice to know that your partner would have the ability to intimately understand the frustrations and challenges that you are experiencing with your work, because they would also feel the frustrations and challenges as well.



If you live together or stay near each other, carpooling can not only help you both save fuel and running costs, but can also help teach the understanding of being responsible for one another as the both of you would have to rely each other to move to the office and back, making your bond stronger.



Burning Out

As much as you would love to see each other as often as you would love to, but the possibility of burning out from one another is evident. The over exposure from the time you wake up, till the time you eat lunch, till the time you fall asleep can take its toll on the both of you.

What also increases the chances of fizzling out is the fact that the both of you, through working in the same company or the same business, will eventually run out of topics to talk to each other because it is all the same. What you know is also what your partner would know. There would be nothing ‘new’ to discover or nothing ‘exciting’ to say or tell. Same same, different day.


Work To Personal, Personal To Work

Being in the same environment at all times day-in-day-out can have its challenges. One being that it will become increasingly harder to segregate personal life from work, and working life from your personal life. The stress, the conversations, the ideas from both work and personal lives can intertwine and create problems in the relationship.

If it becomes a problem, it is not just a problem between you and your partner; it can also affect the other people around you at work and in your personal lives. Co-workers and friends can find it awkward at times when the both worlds start leaking into one another.


Relationships Become A Business Arrangement

If you both run a business together, there is also a possibility that the relationship can devolve into a mere business arrangement where you both just be responsible for the different aspects of the business and report to each other. If you have different positions in the office (one a superior to the other) it can also lead to where the superior at the office, delegating projects and work to the one below, will bleed on to personal life as well – delegating house chores and other personal life arrangements as well.


Green Eyed Monster

With almost no time away from each other to do your own thing, every movement is monitored, documented and can be used against one another. Seeing your man/woman walk freely with others (colleagues, business partners) may not be an easy feat. Even if it is all work-style pleasantries and all, that green eyed monster named jealousy can rear its ugly head. You would fear for your life each time you get too ‘friendly’ with other co-workers because the possibility of your partner taking a swipe at you is evident.


Taking Sides

It is a hard thing to take sides in any office arrangement, even if it doesn’t involve your partner. So now with your partner in the mix, it gets even tougher to side anyone just in-case of bruised egos, and hurt feelings. Your partner would almost always expect you to stand up for them and protect them, but what if they were really in the wrong and you did not defend? As professional as people may want to keep it, there will always be some form of resentment for not sticking up for your partner. It will be hard to communicate with other people within the office because of the inability to take sides.


So to the lucky ones who can make it work at work, kudos to you and hope that builds even further into your relationship. For those living the nightmare, don’t worry, there is always a solution to that – either you quit and find another job or your partner quits and finds somewhere else to work (that would be the worst case scenario) so that you both are not in the same office anymore.

Looking at the positives, it can be seen as an opportunity for the both of you to be more in tune with each other, and at the end of the day, isn’t working towards a common goal and future is what a relationship is all about in the first place?

Happy Valentines Day!



Posted by Joshua Boey

I write (type) stuff that may or may not make sense unless you speak otter. I also like my sugar with coffee and cream.