The nervous sweating, the giddy anticipation. Waiting for the call. The first time you meet. The ones that got away. The ones you can’t imagine a future with at all. Sound familiar?

If this reminded you of all your awkward dates looking for a potential partner, don’t be surprised when I say these exact situations could very well be that of you looking for your potential job. Yes, the process of job hunting is eerily similar to that of looking for that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. So similar in fact, that it is quite comical.


Why Job Hunting is Like Dating: As Told Through Comics



Admit it: you do it. You stalk that guy or girl you like on all the social medias you can find. This is research, you say. Fine, fine. We all do it. After all, you need to know what the guy/girl is like, right? Perhaps you may find that he/she is an animal lover, which you love! Or you could find a questionable, cringey racist tweet and so you know the guy/girl definitely isn’t worth swooning over.

Similarly, you do plenty of research on your prospective employers. You try to find out as much as you can, look at how long the commute to work could be, etc. You try to imagine what working there might be like by looking at their company culture page on WOBB. Your heart goes aflutter as you read up on a near perfect company profile.


Picking an Outfit

Picking an outfit for a first date or a first interview can be stressful. First impressions mean everything. You want to look good, but you don’t want to look like you tried too hard. You go through your entire closet, trying on outfit after outfit, mulling over each one. Who knew that achieving that effortlessly cool, chic, professional, stylish look would be so. Much. Effort.

But once you’ve found the prefect outfit, you feel like you can conquer the world!



Both job hunting and dating require you to ‘put yourself out there’, whether it be applying to multiple companies or trying to find and get to know potential partners. It can get tiring sometimes, as we go through the job hunting process over and over; or bad dates and meeting jerks over and over again.

Rejection is just a big part of the process for both job hunting and dating. Sometimes, he/she is just not that into you. Likewise, sometimes you are just not what the company is looking for. And sometimes a company or guy/girl is very interested in you, but you just have to kindly decline because you just don’t see it working out.

You think to yourself, will I ever find The One?



Getting to Know Each Other

During a first date, you are trying to get to know each other. Similarly, in the first interview, you are trying to get to know your prospective employer, just as much as your prospective employer is trying to get to know you.

“So tell me about yourself,” seems to come up a lot in both scenarios.

You end up having to talk a whole lot about yourself, telling a little bit about your background and your past. However, you do want to keep some things to yourself. This is the first meeting, after all.

You try to come across as witty and confident. You crack a joke or two, depending on how the conversation is going. If you both get along, it’s great! If not, you can’t wait to get out of there A.S.A.P.



Inevitably, you will replay everything that you said or did over and over again. You start thinking about the silly things you said while trying to appear witty, if your laugh seemed fake, and whether you nodded a little too much. Soon you begin to drive yourself crazy with these thoughts.


Waiting For The Call



Finding The ONE

After all those bad dates, awful exes, and heartbreak, you meet the guy/girl of your dreams. He/she treats you well, you have great chemistry, and he/she laughs at your silly jokes. You start imagining your life together.

You really think that he/she might be The One.

After countless job interviews, rejections, and disappointments, you interview for the job of your dreams. The company is a short commute away, the people are friendly and amazing, it has a substantial salary and the coolest company culture.

You really think that the job at that company might be The One.

You hope and you wish for it, and one day, you get asked The Question.

Your answer: YES!

All that stalking, fretting, rejection and heartbreaks weren’t for nothing, after all.



Yes, job hunting is kind of like dating. So keep on hoping, keep on looking, keep on applying and connecting. Never give up. Your dream job, The One, your ‘job jodoh’ if you will, is out there somewhere. Go get it!




Posted by Munira Hamzah

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