Welcome to 2018! This is the year that you are going to succeed in your career. I’m talking about growth, climbing the ladder, and overall achievement! 

2018 resolution: KICK. SOME. ASS!

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And hey, where else to start this awesome journey that via WOBB?

Here are 8 companies ready and waiting for you to send over your CV:


Lazada, a leading name in e-commerce, is Southeast Asia’s number one web-based shopping and selling destination. This powerhouse has made its presence big in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

This establishment consists of a group of people who are true believers in the company’s strategy. Similarly, they understand the accountability they hold to get the end results. High standards and an extremely good work ethic is part of their culture. Here at Lazada, everyone has a say. So if you have a disagreement, you simply voice it out whole-heartedly because they believe in working in an environment of trust.

At this moment, Lazada is majorly hiring, with a whopping 30 job posts still open to be applied. Thus, if you’re someone who is innovative and progressive, why not choose Lazada for your career growth and development? Apply here:

Brand Manager

Product Marketing Manager – Flash Sales

Senior Associate Platform Operations Analyst

Category Manager

Vendor Manager

Senior Associate Platform Operations Analyst

Senior Onsite Manager



As one of the fastest growing startups in South East Asia, Fave Group has inherited Groupon Malaysia’s vision in providing exclusive deals ranging from food & beverages, health, fitness, beauty and many more, to more than three million subscribers.

Consisting of overseas operations, being a part of Fave will expose you to become a part of a larger South East Asian story. With the aim of helping local businesses throughout the regions by expanding and embracing technology in e-payment, e-commerce and mobile, Fave’s mission is to be the leading O2O local commerce in the region.

The fast-paced startup environment in Fave can be incredibly rewarding, as they stress on fun and productivity in their office. Unlimited access, people-and-internet wise, will considerably give more opportunities to learn as well!

Be one of their ambassadors by filling up Fave’s most favourite positions below:

Fave Brand Ambassador – Kuala Lumpur

Fave Brand Ambassador – Penang

Fave Brand Ambassador – Johor

Fave Brand Ambassador – Ipoh

Fave Brand Ambassador – Kuching


Being the new, up-and-coming, on-demand car-sharing platform, GoCar has made its way to be the first Malaysian market in alternative traditional car rental services through mobile app use.

As the subsidiary of Mayflower; a Malaysian travel service specialist since 1969; GoCar is in the position of creating solutions for current problems in the economic sector, boosting better environment for the society, and strengthen the retail car-rental market.

GoCar looks for growth-oriented and self-driven individuals to fill up their vacancies. People who work with GoCar are viewed to be the successors who continue in breaking the boundaries of the company and overcoming the challenges it may face.

Take up the first challenge by checking out the compelling vacancies available in GoCar:

Executive, Operations

Senior Graphic Designer

Office Admin

Executive, Business Development

Executive, Content Writer

Executive, Marketing


Biji Biji Initiatives

As a new trendsetter for social enterprises, Biji Biji Initiatives focuses on delighting others with progressive ideas. They strategise in creating sustainable living, including creative ways of reusing waste and collaborative production.

Biji Biji Initiatives believes in fun and fresh extents of sustainable living. Therefore, they inspire new approaches to passive building techniques by using basic electronics and discarded materials.

You guessed it right, as the executor of such objectives, Biji Biji Initiatives is looking for initiators! People from all over the globe with different backgrounds and stories come to Biji Biji Initiatives hoping to make their goals come true. This drives limitless ideas and talents to be involved in their vast projects.

Do not miss out on being a part of this dynamic team and apply to Biji Biji Initiatives now!

Multimedia Intern

Video Production Intern

Graphic Design Intern

Programming Intern

Social Media Intern


Comfort Works

Aiming to breathe new life into your living rooms, Comfort Works creates elegant and delightful handmade slipcovers for weary sofas.

Being handmade, the in-house operation does everything without outsourcing. From web development to online marketing & content creation, Comfort Works believes that hidden potential always comes from within. Comfort Works has expanded to a wide-range of products, specializing in custom furniture slipcovers, IKEA sofa covers, and other complementary accessories.

Since day one, Comfort Works keeps on creating impact by making impactful decisions and modelling every opportunity to be an enjoyable one. Comfort Works portrays the culture through experimentation, teamwork, humble confidence, equality, and infusing hard work and fun. That being said, you will receive hands-on-experience, support, and have fun along the way!

Join their quality team in the positions listed down below!

Office Admin Assistant

Graphic and Web Visual Communication Designer

Kickass Customer Service and Online Marketing Specialist

3D Designer – Interior & Furniture Modelling

Web Developer (Front End/ Full Stack Developer)

Ad Traffic Specialist/ Growth Hacker

Photobook Worldwide

As the leading e-commerce business in South East Asia, Photobook Worldwide provides a novel way to preserve memories through personalized Photo Albums & Products, all from their lively, quirky office.

Established in Malaysia, Photobook Worldwide now has offices running in several countries, including Philippines, Australia and Canada to cater the global market.

Driven by outstanding craftsmanship & inspired design, Photobook Worldwide strives in creating moments that matter. They believe in what they do, do good in what they do, and are obsessed with being impeccable about it.

Some of their best talents consist of young and professional individuals who are responsible for constructing their creative products with high standards.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, do apply to one of the positions below!

Graphic Designer

Process & Quality Improvement Engineer

Executive Personal Assistant

Software Developer


Perro Company

Launched in 2015, Perro Company took the initiative to build a community for pets and pet lovers.

They provide a monthly-subscription dog box for loving pet owners. Sounds awesome, right? This, oddly enough, gave birth to PerroPet, a well-known pet forum for pet lovers. From there on, Perro Company has kick-started PerroMart, an online pet store selling goods ranging from pet food to accessories.

This e-commerce company inspires their company culture and values to be fun, innovative, teamwork, and performance-driven. Are you animal & pet crazy? Then Perro Company will be the perfect workplace for you!

Check out some of Perro Company‘s cool job advertisements down below:



Customer Service

Products & Business Development

E-commerce – Manager & Business Development



And of course, you do not want to miss out on us! Standing for “Working on Bean Bags”, WOBB is the new job-seeking platform that is catered specifically for Generation Y. WOBB sees this generation as generation ‘why not’, who aims for better working culture #goals.

Here at WOBB, we describe our working culture by the 9 values we live by, including Take Initiative, Support & Thank Each Other, Take Smart Risks, 110%, and more. With this unique working culture, WOBB aims to be the number 1 job platform in Asia by championing the future of work.

The team is currently expanding its approach to different areas, including Tech, Marketing, Sales, and Accounting & Admin.

Find out more about our vacancies below and #WOBBtheJob with us!

Sales Samurai

Junior Sales Consultant

Creative Executive

Accounting & Admin Maestro



So what else are you waiting for? Fingers crossed and wishes upon the stars won’t work if you don’t. Join these companies’ awesome culture as early as possible! Happy hunting!



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