Since the emergence of the new tech companies like AirBnb and Uber, the word startup has become a major buzzword in the entrepreneur world. News on millions of dollars’ worth of a company’s funding round, the launches of new products and interviews with startup founders circulating the media almost every day.

The breakthrough business ideas together with an innovative working culture are what make working at a startup many job seekers’ desire. As opposed to traditional corporations, there are many differences to expect if you want to be part of any startup. Here are 4 key aspects to help you decide if this path is right for you.

Flexibility and self-discipline

If you are more comfortable to work independently at your own pace, as long as you get the work done, startups are for you. However, that flexibility shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The most encouraging thing about this workplace culture is that there’s usually no fixed working hours. Hence, you will get to freely plan your day at work in a way that will maximize your productivity. For example, the early birds may present at the office as early as 7am to get things started more efficiently while the night owls may arrive a bit later for the caffeine to take effect.

Although the office rules are more stress-free, you still have to learn how to discipline yourself to avoid bad habits to develop. Don’t cut your day 1 hour short just because there’s no supervisor; it will only cause negative impact on your future career.

Being good at one thing doesn’t make you the best performer

Oftentimes, job seekers are more interested in a role where they can utilise their skills and knowledge. It is the same when it comes to finding jobs at startups. But you have to understand that startup culture is borderless as everyone gets to (or is encouraged to) do a bit of everything.

Being an expert at your role is not enough, you have to also familiarize yourself with other functions within the organization. Imagine a company is a giant machine that only runs when each and every cog works together and follows one another. It means that you have to understand how your work relates to your colleague’s in order to deliver the best possible result.

The only way for you to achieve career advancement in a startup is by learning how everything is done behind the product deployment; which will enable you to cultivate new ideas that actually bring values. It doesn’t take multiple college degrees to gain knowledge, you can easily teach yourself via online classes.

If you want to be heard, speak up!

Once you have gained sufficient knowledge on what drives your company’s success, it’s time to unleash your creativity. There will always be higher mountain to conquer, hence what is good for now doesn’t have to be the best.

What many people enjoy about working at a startup is how every good business plan is executed, even if it comes from an intern! As long as you believe in the values that your company offer to the consumers, just keep generating more creative and effective ideas!

There is no actual hierarchy in a startup, and the top-level management always encourage contributions from their team. So work hard for what you believe in and don’t hold yourself back from sharing good ideas. It’s among the most sustainable way to reach to the next career level as well.

There are awesome perks, but you have to devote your awesomeness as well

Startups are usually associated with “bean bag”, well don’t we all love a little indulgence at work? Here’s to make it sounds more enticing, you can go to work dressing like a Pokémon trainer as there is no dress code, you can also listen to your favourite songs while coding, there is very minimal restriction at the workplace (if any). It is undeniable that working at a startup is very much about having fun.

The only downside is that, it is not always enjoyable. You are, together with a decent team, working days and nights to raise someone else’s baby. It takes more than passion to grow a startup, it requires you to trust in it and to strive for the same goals as your leaders.

With the limited human resource, startup companies, especially during the first few years, won’t be sustainable without the hardworking bees. It is not like any 9 – 5 job, you have to make sure that improvements and profitability are noticeable day by day. And such achievement doesn’t happen overnight.

Be ready to go through the hardships, try to motivate yourself to push for the highest goals when you work at a startup. And only then your effort will grow fruitful. If you are eager to learn and to be recognized as a leader, you can seek endless opportunities to do so in a startup. Read about more reasons why you should consider working at a startup here.

As it takes serious dedication and determination to develop your career with a young company, but if you have already defined your career goal, a more structural corporation job may be a better choice.


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