As any experienced entrepreneur can tell you, going from MVP (minimum viable product) to sustainable business is more than just building the product and hiring a couple of sales people. We’ve all heard the mantras about “staying small” and “wearing many hats” to keep overheads low when starting up, but let’s face it, you can’t operate from your one-bedroom apartment forever.

A healthy business is a growing business, and startup growth necessitates many things: a bigger team, a proper office, legal compliance, and all the other ‘unsexy’ parts of running a company that nobody talks about. Sooner or later, every founder will have to consider things like:

  • How do you find people to populate your office? Do you pay a recruiter to source the kind of quality hires you need? How do they find that kind of talent anyway?
  • How do you manage the payroll for your growing staff? There’s only so much Excel can help you with.
  • How do you solve the problem of an ever-emptying pantry? Who will restock the coffee and copy paper in your new super cool office?
  • How about the standard daily running of an office? Data entry? Submitting tax forms? Passing out flyers? Booking venues? Is this why you see everyone rushing to hire interns?!

Nitty-gritty problems like these are no fun to solve, and can distract you from the big picture. Ultimately however, every enterprise, large or small, will need to find cost-effective solutions for these internal headaches. Through innovative technology and clever outsourcing, these 5 local startups burst into the scene to assist Malaysian businesses of all sizes with everything required to run an efficient, profitable organisation.

Read on to find out how they can help your business be LeanBiz!




WOBB is a rapidly growing job search platform focusing on the young, tech-savvy, and culture-conscious Gen Y talent pool. WOBB’s goal is to help match jobseekers to right jobs by the right employers (that’s you) with the right kind of culture by promoting employer transparency through virtual office tours. After all, culture-fit is very important for a fruitful employer-employee relationship.

With this sort of transparency, jobseekers are also able to make informed decisions about the job they’re applying to, which will naturally reduce the amount of spam employers commonly sift through when looking for hires through other job portals. WOBB’s applicant management system also allows you to easily manage and access the CV’s you receive through the platform.

WOBB is used and loved by employers such as Digi, BDO, Shell Business Ops, Mindvalley, KFIT and many other companies interested in the best talent they can find.




With great recruitment drives comes an increase in warm bodies around the office; which then necessitates the huge responsibility of managing payrolls, leave applications that need to be approved / disapproved, and even the secure and organised management of employee data. How do you get the best help in building a great company with awesome people operations?

Kakitangan, the mobile-friendly HR automation platform, addresses all of these with a slick interface that’s winning over HR professionals from over a thousand companies across Malaysia and Singapore. Every business owner can do their own payroll – it’s that easy! Its ease of use and strong feature set would add a lot of value to any startup looking to build an amazing company!




Outsourcing can be a clever answer to many a problem – saving time and cost in the long run – if done correctly. Data entry, transcribing media, simple market research, and database management are all good candidates for outsourcing if they’re not regular or business-critical enough to require a salaried employee to do it, or someone that you needed to train from scratch to do the work (read: intern).

Tasks like so can be time consuming and just a pain to get it over and done with. Why not leave it to people who’ve done it many times before and can take care of it with lightning speed and precision? This is where Supahands comes to save the day! The company manages a team of in-house ‘SupaAgents’ to provide businesses with help on everything that can be done virtually from online research, lead generation,customer care, and anything in between.




Your startup’s to-do list is probably overwhelming as it is. Do you really want your own precious employees running around on simple errands like submitting documents or getting the team lunch? Things like that need not consume their time and that’s where GoGet jumps in to solve the problem by providing trusted and reliable help to get things done.

GoGet allows anyone to post tasks on their platform that they need help with. It could be anything really. From running out to buy burgers for the team’s lunch, to grabbing stuff that maybe you need picking up from a supplier; GoGet then facilitates independent GoGetters to perform those said tasks for reasonable fees.

Don’t expect to get their GoGetters to do really, really specific tasks like closing sales or repairing jumbo jet engines. For everything else, there’s GoGet.




Supplycart is a derivative of Freshcart that’s targeting to make the lives of office administrators everywhere a whole lot easier. They aim to become a reliable long term partner to companies looking for solutions to the age-old problem of an ever-emptying pantry and dwindling stationary supplies.

Supplycart not only helps offices replenish the perishables, but they also help source office furniture, IT equipment, and many other things that need provisioning from time to time. Remember, a well-stocked office is almost always a more enjoyable office to work in!


Interested? Try Them Out!

Do you really want to be wasting time interviewing terrible candidates or haggling with A4 paper suppliers, when you could be busy testing new growth hacks or attracting superstar talent? Maybe it’s time to bring in a little help from the outside.

If the services above sound like they could bring some value to the table and make your business operations a lot, lot smoother (oh they definitely will for sure!), you can now sign up for the LeanBiz 3 month starter pack, a collaborative offering from these 5 startups. Now for only RM90 per month over 3 months, you can enjoy the value added services and spike your office’s productivity like never before! Sign up now to get products and services worth nearly RM1000 in value!  For any further inquiries, do email us at [email protected].




Posted by Marc Parrikal