If you asked me last week what enters my mind when I think about Digi, the first thing I’d tell you is that the colour yellow suddenly floods my thoughts, followed by the phrase ‘I will follow you’ sang in that tune that we all know.

But that was before I actually got up close and personal with Digi.

Now, if you were to ask me what enters my mind when I think about Digi, I’d break it down for you like this:

The Place

The first thing that hits your senses as you walk into Digi’s office – known as D’House – is just how beautiful it is. I’ve been to many pretty workplaces, but Digi’s is something else. Their huge lobby precedes the open courtyard where there’s a waterfall in the background.

Digi Lobby

Digi CourtyardDuring my D’House tour, I was blown away by the entire layout. While there is still a professional vibe, nothing about it feels common or corporate. All the walls have some form of interesting mural and the hot desking spaces ooze innovation through environment. It reminded me of my campus days in University, where I’d enjoy spending hours in the library because it was such a comfortable and productive space to get work done.

Digi Collaborative Space

Digi Small Group Meeting

In addition to collaborative areas, group pods and quiet zones, the pantries and cafes at D’House are unlike the kind you’d typically find in an office. They have the sort of ambiance you’d find when you go for a coffee with a friend over the weekend, which is perfect for switching off when you really need a short brain break.

Digi Pantry

Alternatively, for the few that actually enjoy physical activity while on break (as opposed to my choice of sitting down on a couch and zoning out on BuzzFeed for 20 minutes), you can workout at the D’House gym! Say goodbye to monthly membership fees and cancelling workout sessions because you didn’t want to go through traffic just to get to the gym.

Digi Gym Doors

The People

But hey, anyone can design a beautiful office. Good looks only go so far in life. My mum taught me that it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters. The most impressive factor about Digi is their DNA.

A quick visit to their careers page will show you their motto – Freedom to Inspire the Next

Digi - Freedom to Inspire the Next

But what does that even mean?

I asked my host to tell me more about this concept, “Freedom to Inspire the Next”. From his initially relaxed demeanour, it was as though I suddenly pressed a button on him that activates passion! He woke up and was obviously very excited to share this concept with me.

Essentially, Digi’s culture is a hugely supportive one that focuses on performance, individual development and opportunities to think outside of the box. Digizens are encouraged to try out new ideas, learn from mistakes and aim to drive innovation across Digi’s products and services.

To solidify this concept with a story, I was told that there was a time that the top management made examples out of customer service employees that went beyond standard protocols in order to satisfy their customers. I’m sure you can agree that going against standard operating procedures usually results in some form of punishment for the innovative employee because ‘rules are rules’. Well, Digi isn’t your average company.

Digi Yellow Army

While there are many companies out there who are now starting to understand how millennials function, Digi already has this talent down pat! Our generation is a special bunch and there  are plenty of assumptions that people have placed on us. Unfortunately, one of the more common assumptions in the working world, according to CNBC, is that we are “entitled, lazy, narcissistic and addicted to social media”.


But hey, whether you like or not, eventually we’ll dominate the workplace. Instead of fighting this change, Digi has wholeheartedly embraced it. Red tape where an entry-level employee wants to speak directly to the CEO? That doesn’t exist at D’House!

The big bosses are more than happy to support new ideas, provide constructive feedback, and award recognition for innovation. Digi is proud to say that they provide Digizens plenty of opportunities to showcase their potential, deliver real results, and make a real impact.

Where To Sign Up?

A Management Trainee program (wait, don’t zone out yet!) is nothing new. There are plenty of companies out there offering you ‘holistic learning experiences with opportunities to interact with top management’ and what that usually means is that you get to develop a range of competencies via job rotation and maybe get to have a coffee with the CEO once or twice throughout the program, which usually lasts 18-24 months.

On the contrary, Digi doesn’t believe that an average Management Trainee program can generate learning at the speed and scale needed for young talent to make a real impact. So, they came up with the CXO Apprentice program!

Digi CXO Apprentice Launch

In a nutshell, the CXO Apprentice program will give 8 fresh graduates from Malaysia the opportunity to partner with Digi’s 8 C-level leaders, including their CEO, Albern Murty. Forget the ‘occasional opportunity for top-level exposure’, you’ll be working by their side every single day for one whole year!

The 8 chosen apprentices will essentially be a shadow for Digi’s C-suite. This sort of immersion will undoubtedly develop the apprentices’ potential in the fastest possible manner.

Oh, don’t for a second think that you will merely watch from the sidelines. These 8 apprentices will participate in key meetings, providing input to the C-suite on how to stay in touch with our digital generation.

Digi CXO Apprentice Launch

Don’t wait!
Applications close on the 27th of April, 2016.

Apply now!



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